The old weed dealer is now the owner of the cannabis dispensary

When my wonderful friend and I were in high university together, Vince was my weed dealer.

He was a Senior and I was a Sophomore.

Behind his back the underclassmen all made fun of Vince for being a loser. Of course, my wonderful friend and I all bought our cannabis from him every week, but still made fun of him, and my associate and I believed the lies our parents told us about drug dealers being burnouts with no future. The joke was on me! I have a four year university degree, and the best task I could find was toiling the counter at the local medical cannabis dispensary. My boss, and the owner of the medical cannabis shop, is none other than Vince. He was more than just a weed dealer, he was a cagey businessman who parlayed his cannabis sales into a legit, legal dispensary. In the old days Vince would lay around getting stoned all day long, and some things never change. He is the owner and the manager of the cannabis dispensary, so he has the employees do all the labor while he talks with customers and smokes joints. Of course Vince knows better than to get stoned inside the cannabis dispensary, because that is a legal violation. Instead he hangs out in the alley behind the cannabis dispensary, smoking joints with any of the clients who care to joint him. None of the other cannabis dispensary employees are allowed to get high while on shift, but the rules don’t apply to Vince. I’m pretty jealous of his lifestyle, but maybe one day I will take over the cannabis dispensary and be the new manager.

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