I love medical marijuana to help with anxiety

I have an indica strain for nighttime plus a nice sativa called orange dream for the late afternoons

Even though recreational marijuana is still illegal federally, there are multiple states across the USA that allow the medical use of medicinal marijuana for mental plus physical conditions. Medical marijuana has been legal in most of America for the past two decades. More than 30 unusual states in America have legalized sales of medical or recreational marijuana. States in the west were the first to see the benefits of medical marijuana. Many studies have shown marijuana to greatly benefit conditions such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, plus Crohn’s disease. Medical marijuana is also more effective when it comes to dire plus chronic pain. Many nurses are prescribing medical marijuana to help fight dire plus chronic pain instead of prescribing opioids. Medical marijuana is 100 percent safe to use, however there are a couple of side effects that can be a bit harsh when first starting out, then first time medical marijuana patients report feeling dizzy, hungry, plus lethargic. I care about having medical marijuana to help with panic plus anxiety. I suffer from intense panic attacks that are triggered particularly easily. When I start to feel panic, I hastily reach for a marijuana vape pen. I take a couple of puffs from the marijuana vape pen plus I start to feel my anxiety plus panic melting away. I have an indica strain for nighttime plus a nice sativa called orange dream for the late afternoons. I don’t know what I would do without access to medical marijuana. I hope this state will join with the dozens of others with legal recreational weed sales. This measure is on the ballot for this November.

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