The delivery guy got lost trying to find our new place

My wife and I looked at a lot of different houses before we decided to build one of our own.

Each one of us had a list of items that we really wanted in our new home.

It was difficult for us to find a single property with everything that we wanted. The realtor brought up new construction. She felt that we might be happy with a brand new home instead of something that was older. New construction did give us a lot of options. We basically got to create our house from the ground up. We had lots of different choices when it came to the flooring, paint, fixtures, and appliances. We finished the project about 4 months ago and moved to the property last month. Since we have moved to the property, the two of us have noticed how difficult it can be to find the property when it’s raining. There is a single sign for the road on the street but it is obscured by some trees. If you don’t know where you are, you can get lost very easilyThe marijuana delivery driver seems to get lost every time he drives up the mountain. My wife and I order marijuana supplies from a dispensary nearby. We used to go to the dispensary in the afternoon when we were done with work, but now the place isn’t close enough anymore. We have to use the delivery option and that means making sure the driver can find our place. We try to list detailed directions on our order form every time to ensure speedy delivery services.


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