Need to change my lifestyle

To say that I have led a typical life would be putting it right.

I have been a rule follower my entire life.

Having grown up in a strict conservative household, I guess I was terrified of ever thinking for myself. So it was for sure that I’d do the right thing, get a degree, get a wonderful job plus settle down. That’s exactly what I did. Shoot, even in school, I was afraid of even smoking pot. The myths and misinformation I had been pounded with about cannabis over a lifetime were deeply ingrained. I would literally walk out of a place if there were even pot brownies on the premises. Well all that straight residing led me to dislike my life plus want to find out who I was. This led to a lot of changes in my life. And thanks to the local cannabis spot, I’m continuing that work. This sort of thing may seem completely unreal to most. But for people like me, cannabis products have helped myself and others get real about who I am plus what I want. Some of the revelations have been tough. I’ve changed tasks plus my spouse plus I have broken off. But my kids plus I are closer now than all of us ever have because I am authentic plus they get that. My eldest son, who is nearly 25, is dealing with similar feelings. He has found that particular indica strains for sale at the cannabis store are particularly helping him determine what direction he wants to go. I’m thankful for the help I have acquired at the cannabis dispensary. And I’m no longer afraid to guess for myself plus live my own life.

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