Can you be 100% sure medical marijuana will help?

I was speaking with a doctor who was supposed to specialize in medical marijuana.

I had one simple question I wanted him to answer for me.

How can he be sure medical marijuana will help me? He provided me with a different kind of look as well as told me that medical marijuana was such a wonder drug. I had heard that prednisone was also a wonder drug that could help with many sicknesses and diseases. I also knew that prednisone can cause dire concerns if not taken correctly. I wanted to know what it entailed in using medical marijuana correctly. He told me he would make recommendations on what I could use as well as how to use it. He could not tell me exactly what to use; This state recommends that every marijuana dispensary has a pharmacist on duty. The pharmacist talks to the patient before prescribing particular items, but after, you are basically on your own. Any marijuana user can use any products they want. There are legitimately few limitations on how often you can buy the product, or how much you can purchase on any given visit. This was a vague answer, as well as I was feeling overwhelmed by this information. I had been hoping he could tell me what he recommended, however he talked in a circle. The only new information I gleaned from my visit to the medical marijuana specialist was that I could take any as well as all the marijuana I wanted, as long as they sold it in a medical marijuana dispensary. It was no small wonder that people were lining up to get into the medical marijuana dispensary. If you can make a case saying you had any of the myriad ailments that certified you as a medical marijuana user, you have free rein over any marijuana you choose.

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