I wasn’t yet old enough for medical marijuana.

One of the biggest drawbacks when you are eighteen is that you’re too old to be treated as a kid, but too young to be treated as an adult.

I now pay taxes, I had to sign up for selective services, as well as I am old enough to vote.

But I can’t buy alcohol or medical marijuana. How is it fair that I can go to war, even though I can’t legally buy medical marijuana or have a budweiser legally? I have a huge problem with this. The doctor provided me with medical marijuana when I was going through chemotherapy. He told me it would help me with the nausea as well as pain. My mom had to go to the medical marijuana dispensary to get the marijuana. I thought this was ridiculous. I told Mom my thoughts on being eighteen as well as having responsibility but few rights. Mom told me it had always been so, as well as I would just need to get over it. I was supposed to handle the chemotherapy, as well as get healthy, as well as then I could confront the system. I guessed she was right, even though I hated it. It made me feel like a little kid to have my mom get my medicine for me. The medical marijuana helped, as the doctor said it would, which made me feel happy. I was cancer free, and. now I am going to confront it for the right to purchase my own medical marijuana if I ever need to buy it in the future. By then I’ll be twenty-one when the bill comes through, but it may help other teenagers going through what I went through.

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