She wouldn’t use medical marijuana until she saw pigs fly.

I had to laugh the afternoon Ed told me she was getting her medical marijuana ID card

Whenever Ed was adamantly against something, she would tell me that she would not approve until she sees pigs fly. When the state was talking about legalizing medical marijuana, Ed said she would know it until she saw pigs fly, earlier last year, Ed was having many concerns that came with rheumatoid arthritis. The doctor told Ed that medical marijuana might help with the pain as well as the stiffness. Ed told him she uses medical marijuana when pigs fly, then last month, I stood outside looking up at the sky. Ed came out as well as asked if I found anything interesting in the clouds. I told her I was looking for flying pigs. First, Ed looked at me as well as then she frowned. Ed told me I was wiseguy as well as I could take myself into the house. Ed was going to use her medical marijuana, as well as I didn’t need to be outside making fun of her. Ed’s pain had become so bad that it was all she could do to walk. Ed’s hands as well as feet were deformed, as well as the medical marijuana was the only thing that managed to keep her moving. I had to laugh the afternoon Ed told me she was getting her medical marijuana ID card. I said little else, even though I chuckled as well as then stopped myself. I could not resist teasing Ed about flying pigs when she came home from the dispensary with her first purchase of medical marijuana. I don’t know if it was the new topical creams or the oral medical marijuana, but within a week, Ed is in less pain, with or separate from pigs flying.
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