I wasn’t convinced medical cannabis was right for me.

He let me choose

I don’t know that anyone is totally sure about using medical marijuana. There has always been controversy about marijuana, cannabis, weed, or pot, as it is also called. There are so many names for marijuana that I know less than half of them. I knew dad confessed to using marijuana while at university, but once he was married as well as started a family, he never touched the stuff. When I was 17, I was involved in a dire auto accident that caused head harm. The head harm resulted in me having seizures. It embarrassed me whenever I had a seizure in public. I got to where I didn’t want to go out of the house because I was afraid I would have a seizure. My neurologist told me that medical marijuana was taking huge strides in helping with seizures as well as he thought I should try it. I wasn’t sure if using medical marijuana was right for me. I talked to him about my hesitations as well as asked him if he had other recommendations. He told me about the medicines he would prescribe, but the side effects scared me. He told me he didn’t know of very many side effects of medical marijuana that would be comparable to those of modern medicine. He let me choose. Two weeks later, I walked into his office as well as asked if he could help me get a medical marijuana card. I still don’t go outside as much as I once did, but my friends get me outdoors more often, thanks to the medical marijuana! Once a week trips outdoors because of medical marijuana, is better than once a month of embarrassment.


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