Doctor Bev proposed I try using medical marijuana.

Whenever modern medicine comes up with an idea that can help with depression, my doctor holds a conference call with me as well as other people in my therapy group.


Bev has discussed everything from using hypnosis to the most modern medicine. Last week, he had a conference call instead of a daily meeting. Dr. Bev wanted to discuss the merits of medical marijuana. Dr. Bev had been to a symposium that had medical marijuana at the top of their things to discuss. Bev prefaced his comments by letting us know this was just a discussion. Bev was making no suggestions, as well as he wanted us to know it was a rather extravagant treatment not covered by insurance. Bev talked about medical marijuana. Many specialists were now looking at medical marijuana to treat many different conditions. One of the top treatments was for people going through chemo, as well as then Bev then talked about pain as well as anxieties or depression. He provided us with a website address where we could learn about medical marijuana. Ultimately, the decision on whether to use medical marijuana was up to the patient, however he wanted all the people to be well-informed. When I had an appointment two weeks later, Dr. Bev asked if I had gone through the website. I told him I learned everything, even though I wasn’t sure I was ready to try medical marijuana. When or if I ever wanted to try, he was going to help me get my medical marijuana card. I wondered if he provided that offer to all of his patients, or if it was just to me. I was sure that he had depression patients a lot worse than I was, even though I didn’t know them all, except as phantom voices over the telephone.



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