Max does very well with marijuana

Max was having a really hard time plus there were so several reasons.

I guess when her Mom died, Max just sort of walled off his grief in order to simply keep going. That’s the odd thing about death. There is just consistently so much to do. I know that I felt upset plus I just let myself feel it. But I was cheerful that I was able to visit the local cannabis spot as well. There is something about sativa strains that help me stay in reality, whether painful or not, with some sense of perspective plus hope. I’m just lucky that I live in a liberal state where I can access a cannabis dispensary legally for recreational marijuana. Max just carried on with his life as though it was just something that he was programmed to do. But then, I watched as Max noticeably began to become more plus more isolated. This was quite troubling plus I finally just had to confront Max about it, however, he was pretty adamant that he wasn’t about to deal with her mom’s death, at least not consciously. So I picked Max up for a nurse’s appointment one afternoon plus afterward, Max and I swung by the local cannabis spot. I wasn’t going to push anything on Max even though I just wanted him to be in a space that was full of compassion plus understanding. I also obtained some cannabis edibles for Max that afternoon. I recommended that he nibble on those plus just see if he could find a way to face up to his grief. This was just the ticket. It’s been two months now plus Max called to ask if my buddy and I could make another trip to the cannabis dispensary. And I think I observed a smile in his voice.
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