I'm still looking for a few people to help out on weekends

I advertised online that I needed help at the marijuana dispensary.

  • Ideally, I wanted someone with a little bit of experience.

I definitely wanted someone who was going to be willing to work on the weekends. Weekend work is important in this industry, because many of our sales occur on Fridays, Saturdays, and sundays. I found two people to work in the store during the first week that I had that ad in the newspaper. One guy was looking for part-time work only on the weekends and that worked out perfectly. The other guy is still very new to the industry. He’s working every Friday and saturday. I’m still looking for a few people to work weekends at the marijuana dispensary and I even have a couple of delivery positions that are open. My sister wants me to give Jack a job at the marijuana dispensary, but there is no way I can hire someone that I am related to. The owner of the marijuana dispensary thinks that nepotism is a big no no. If I even mentioned hiring someone that was a part of my family, he would probably question all of my morals. I have a couple of interviews scheduled next week and I am hoping that one or two of those candidates will work out. If I can’t find anyone by the end of the month, I’m going to put an ad in the paper or contact the place in town that does temporary work assignments. It costs a lot of money to use the temporary work agency, but I know that I will get qualified candidates.