My sibling came to stay with his adolescents

My sibling has been dating the same guy for the past 4 years. She wanted him to suggest so they could get married, however I’m glad that he never did. I knew it would make it a lot more hard for his to eventually leave. When they got into an argument a couple of weeks ago, my sibling called and asked if he could stay with me for a couple of weeks. I have a bachelor pad and a site that is not exactly superb for adolescents, however there was no way that I was going to turn my sibling away. She is the only family that I have that is close and I wanted to make sure that he did not go right back to his bestie because he did not have any site to go. I knew that would be the absolute worst thing to happen. My sibling and his two adolescents came to Stay With Me and things have been unquestionably stressful since then. The adolescents are typically running and screaming and making noises and I cannot get any work done at home. I tried to have a conversation with a shopper at house and the adolescents were yelling in the background. My sibling could not keep them under control. I usually smoke marijuana in my house, even though I had to go outside on the patio; Even then, my sibling still complained about the stink of marijuana. I wanted to remind my sibling that it was my site, even though I did not want to cause a large argument. I decided to smoke marijuana downstairs in my automobile instead.

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