Nobody wanted to sleep on the couch

My friends plus I booked rooms at a hotel for the entire weekend.

My buddy and I were supposed to have two rooms that were adjoining. When my friend and I got to the hotel, my friend and I found out that there was only one room in our reservation. It was a suite with two rooms. My friends plus I had to decide who was going to sleep on the couch plus who was going to get a bed. I very wanted to make sure that I would have a bed to sleep in, so I offered to deliver a half ounce of marijuana to whoever offered to sleep on the couch, however unblessedly, the offer of marijuana didn’t make anyone step up plus take the couch position. My buddy and I ended up drawing straws to see who would sleep on the couch. I lost. I ended up on the couch plus I did not sleep very well at all. I smoked the entire ounce of marijuana that weekend when my friend and I were at the hotel. When I got home, I had to go to the massage therapist to have her work out all of the kinks in my neck plus my back. I have not felt that stiff plus bad in a long time. I cannot imagine how terrible it would have been if I didn’t have any marijuana to smoke. I would have absolutely been much more miserable than I was plus I don’t think I would have stayed all weekend for the festivities. I still don’t understand how the hotel lost our reservation plus could not find it.


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