Natural pain management with medical cannabis

Another couple of months on those pain pills and I would have been in a real mess.

And that’s even after being so careful to use them only as prescribed. This was before I found medical cannabis and I was using different medications to deal with my chronic pain. I’ve been to a lot of doctors and heard lots of possibilities as to what is wrong with me. But there wasn’t an effective way to manage the pain. And that’s what I have finally found in cannabis products. The medical marijuana rules were not that tough to deal with. It’s pretty straight forward in our state and my situation definitely falls under the guidelines. Thankfully, I live in a state that had the good sense to legalize medical marijuana. If that weren’t the case and I knew about the medical marijuana benefits, I’d simply have to relocate. That’s what a change medical cannabis has brought to my life. Using the cannabis flower products I get from the legal weed store, I am able to manage the pain and get on with my life. It’s not that the cannabis flower products remove the pain or cures the source of the pain. But the cannabis products I use help me manage the pain enough that I can live my life while improving things like diet, stretching and even some exercise. That’s right, with the help of some cannabis gummies, I actually went for a little hike in a nearby forrest. It was wonderful and I have medical cannabis to thank for that.


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