Medical marijuana came with MS diagnosis

When the doctor first told me that she thought I had MS, I thought for sure that she was looking at the wrong chart.

I was there for the muscle cramps as well as strains in my legs.

There was no way that me, a person in my late 30’s could have MS. I even had to ask her to double check. But sure enough, I have MS as well as that came with me getting a medical marijuana card as well as getting to the legal weed store, but my doctor set up appointments with MS specialist to help get me on the right medication strategies. But in the meantime, she was pretty clear that figuring out how to get my medical marijuana card was essential. My doctor turned me on to some medical marijuana information, and from there, I did navigate the medical marijuana rules in order to access the cannabis dispensary. Immediately, the staff at the legal weed store were all over getting me the identifiable cannabis flower products that would help my MS symptoms. I had smoked a honorableamount of recreational marijuana when I was much younger, then so I knew my way around how to use the cannabis flower products. The actually first time I used those cannabis products, I noticed a difference when it came to range of motion. My doctor had also recommended a stretching program designed to help with my symptoms! With the cannabis flower products, I was able to get much deeper into the stretches. The stiffness in my muscles was much, much less pronounced, however look, I’m not at all glad that I have MS. And unless there is a cure, I’ll keep having MS. But I am so grateful to have the medical marijuana benefits that I’m getting thanks to legal medical cannabis.

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