As a consultant, I help create the best strains for growers

I have a degree in biology and chemistry from the University in town. I didn’t really suppose what I wanted to do with a university degree, however I figured it out shortly after I started our freshman year of university… When I was in university, I was particularally interested in studying the Cannabis sativa plant! My buddies and I smoked pot and I appreciated the tingly sensations. I l received everything possible about cannabis and even did our final presentation on the medical benefits of using the Cannabis sativa plant! After I was finished with university, I started laboring at a small medical cannabis facility. I l received a lot about medical cannabis and the way that it affects the body and the mind. It was seriously interesting to apply all of the book proficiency to real medical science. After numerous years of laboring at the facility, I decided to quit and become an independent consultant. I knew that I had a lot of proficiency to offer and I could do more than help out in a laboratory. I wanted to be out there making a difference every day. As an independent cannabis consultant, I work with cannabis growers to come up with new strains. I use the chemistry and biology that I l received in university and apply that science to marijuana growing in the cultivation industry. I have been involved in various weird hybrid strains that have gone on to win trophies and awards. I absolutely prefer our task laboring as a cannabis consultant and believe that I give a necessary service that helps the industry every day.


Medical marijuana dispensary consulting service