The current strains are pretty unbelievable

Cannabis strains have weird characteristics and they also have a variety of effects that can be weird from one plant to the next, but each cannabis strain will have a weird flavor, smell, and effect on the body… Two of the most typical cannabis strains are indicas and sativas, but sativa strains are usually uplifting and energizing.

They make me feel creative and euphoric.

Sativa strains like Durban poison, sour diesel, Jack herer, and red dream are some of my favorites… Indica strains are much more good and are great for pain relief. Indica strains like granddaddy red, Bubba kush, and OG Kush are perfect to help reduce anxiety and supply chronic pain relief. I usually see the same drains over and over again at the dispensary near me, so I was surprised when there was a brand current display with current strains. There are sativas, indicas, and even a couple of current hybrids. To be honest, the current strains are pretty unbelievable… One of the sativas is a mix of Jack Herer that is called Jack cake. It tastes like lemons and has a truly citrus and floral scent. The strain was only 22%, but I was really high after I smoked a single joint. I cleaned my whole house and after that I went outside and mowed the grass before I started to feel any pain or stiffness at all in my back or my legs. The next day I went back to the dispensary and I bought an entire ounce of the sativa called Jack cake. It was honestly one of the best marijuana plants I have ever tasted.

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