A vintage strain of cannabis

My old roommate was a middle aged retiree who spent most of his time in the garage tending his pot plants.

Gerry was a really nice guy, and best of all he was quiet. Gerry paid his share of the rent and the bills, he kept to himself, and once every few months he gave me a fat sack of home grown marijuana. I am not an expert on the subject, but I would say that the plants grown by Gerry yielded some of the lightest, fluffiest, and tastiest cannabis I have ever experienced. Gerry said he had been cultivating this same vintage strain of cannabis for the last twenty six years. There had been a dozen generations of this cannabis strain, and Gerry had carefully tended them all through the years. His dedication to the art of cannabis cultivation was impressive, but the power of his plants was even more impressive! I told Gerry that he should sell his strain to one of the major cannabis dispensaries. I think any major business would pay top dollars for such an intense and tasty strain of cannabis. Gerry laughed and said that he had the same idea, and called it his “retirement plan.” One day he would sell his cannabis strain for a ton of money, and then retire and live on the beach. The problem was that he didn’t know how to approach someone in the cannabis industry, and didn’t want to waste his time getting a bad deal. I know someone who manages a cannabis dispensary, so I need to ask him to help Gerry.
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