My writing is fueled by cannabis sativa

In the movie and TV industry there is something called a “spec script.” In this business, anything written for free is said to be written “on spec.” That means I don’t get paid for writing it. I am taking a chance and doing all the work so that I can send the finished script to agents and movie producers to show them what I am capable of. I have written half a dozen spec scripts for comedies and horror movies over the last three years. Finally I got some positive feedback. A movie producer liked my writing, and offered to pay me to write a new script based on their ideas. With a head full of cannabis smoke, I accepted the job without asking for any details. Now I have two weeks to write a new, original script, so I will need a lot of cannabis to help me create. Of course you know that when it comes to being creative, sativa is the best possible strain of cannabis. There are two main kinds of cannabis, and while indica is great for getting mellow and relaxing, sativa is superior for revving up your creativity. I went to the local cannabis dispensary and bought several different strains of sativa, and then secluded myself in my house. I turned off the ringer on my phone, set all my notifications to silent, and started smoking cannabis sativa and writing a new script. Cannabis sativa helps me focus, and allows me to push the real world aside and put 100% of my effort and attention into my writing.



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