Cannabis is legal, but gambling is not

Two of my favorite things in the world are getting high, and playing games.

I love all kinds of games, from card games, dice games, board games, and role playing games.

I am not huge into video games, but everything else is fun for me. Although I never wager on professional or college sporting events, I do like to gamble on the games I play. If I am not involved in a game or contest, I would never gamble on it. But it’s hard to resist betting on myself to win, no matter what the game is. My pals and I have developed a new system for gambling, using cannabis products instead of cash. Gambling is very much illegal around here, but cannabis is legal, so we use that as tender instead of cash. Let me put it in concrete terms for you – I smoke roughly $100 worth of cannabis products a week. I divide up my cannabis into smaller $10 increments, and those serve as the chips for playing poker. By the end of the night I might have won $200 worth of cannabis, or lost my entire stash. Since it is just cannabis on the table and not cash, it does not seem like we are gambling. The manager of the cannabis dispensary loves our poker games, because he always sells a lot more weed! Most people don’t like to play cards with us, because they are only interested in winning cash. To my friends and I, cannabis is just as good as cash, and maybe even better.


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