Cannabis is a great mood enhancer

In movie as well as television Industries there are lots of things that are written for free and these are called special scripts.

This would mean that the two of us get no money for writing and there are optional days of work when we have to finish these scripts as well as send them to agents as well as producers just to let them know what kind of writer I am. The two of us have easily written some scripts for horror films as well as a couple of comedies during these last couple of years and finally it has been nice to receive positive feedback. One movie producer really likes my writing as well as offered to give me a paid writing job based on the ideas. I had a head that was filled with cannabis smoke and accepted a job without really asking for too many details. Now I have just a couple of weeks and have to write a new as well as original script and need cannabis to help me become creative. Of course that means creative sativas are going to be the best of the Cannabis trains. There are easily two main types of cannabis as well as sativas are superior for getting your creativity all revved up. I’ve gone to the cannabis shop as well as even purchased on strings of sativas. I’ve then secluded myself in the house so I can start writing as well as see how things go.

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