I’m always surprised by some of the cannabis smokers

My neighbor is easily a sweet outdated lady with the name of janice.

  • Janice has been the neighbor of mine for 10 years or more as well as she has lived here the entire time.

She is drastically elderly at least 90 years I would guess. I know that it is rude for a person to ask a lady what her age is. During the time of the covid pandemic, I helped Janice get a lot of different supplies out a time or two as well as she did not forget when I helped her out as well as brought her food, medicine, as well as water. There are some afternoons when Janice needs a couple of things delivered from the grocery store, pharmacy, or even the Cannabis shop. I didn’t even need to option up a sign for Cannabis and my friend is absolutely generous. She is grateful for my help and deeply appreciates lots of my time so she easily gives me free stuff so I can smoke cannabis. When I feel kind of guilty, she makes fun for me because she really knows that I enjoy this time. I have marijuana that was more than I could smoke inside of a lifetime which is easily true and this person even smokes more cannabis than I do. It’s hard to know exactly what type of things you are getting, but it is also very helpful to understand that there are lots of cannabis shops and she already has a bunch it is of no logic to keep it all.



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