My friend prefers to have live plants

When there are serious emergencies or it is life as well as death, there are times that you find what is easily important.

During the last month after many intense storms, there was a Mudslide that was near my home.

There has not easily been an avalanche that was like this in many decades and much of the extra rain washed away the embankment as well as some of the Hill collapsed. Many of the houses were lost including one apartment that I seem to share with my friend hank. There was easily a point that my associate and also myself heard the rumbling of this Avalanche that was coming down towards us as well as my associate as well as myself had only multiple minutes to grab what the two of us could carry. I seemed to grab my phone but my friend grabbed a potted plants of cannabis after everything that she owned. She believed that the cannabis plant was easily the very most important as well as chose to save that thing. Of course the person began to get Peculiar looks from other people that were leaving the shelter and when she walked in carrying a cannabis plant it certainly turned heads. She explained to everyone that her as well as her dad grew cannabis together and it was the last cannabis plant that was an organic connection to the person without the desire to smoke any of it but she wanted to keep the plant nearby to keep it alive.

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