Cannabis is better for you than cigarettes

If I was going to send some messages in time I would say some things to my younger self that would be wisdom for me to impart.

  • I can say something such as the two of us should never begin to smoke any tobacco.

Tobacco products are one bad addiction not every one of us has tried to quit time as well as time again. Many other mistakes that the two of us have made have been recoverable but tobacco is a nagging problem that all of us seem to have problems with. The two of us have a therapist that recommended many ways for us to get rid of those urges as well as we still continue to smoke. Many of the vape products as well as cannabis serves as ways for me to avoid having to smoke and use tobacco. I purchased this vape pen which was a cartridge of cannabis oil as well as a cartridge that has CBD as well. I also purchased various grams of cannabis Indica so I could calm my body down as well as mitigate any physical symptoms that tobacco withdrawal would break. Listed not fix all of the problems as well as I found that it was something that I could not change. Even now that I would say that I want to be clean from tobacco but the two of us are of course going to need to smoke a lot more marijuana if that is going to be the way that we quit using tobacco and cigarette products.


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