Playing Santa Claus at a medical cannabis dispensary

An old pal of mine asked me to dress up as Santa Claus for a special event at his shop.

I am late middle aged, overweight, and have a long beard, so I can’t be too surprised at his request.

I am a little surprised that he wants a Santa to hang around his sale at the medical cannabis shop. Why would adults care about seeing Santa Claus? Well I should not have doubted Ed, because he had a bold vision for how the customers were going to enjoy this party. He was having sales and discounts on many different cannabis products, and Santa would be on hand to give out free gifts. In my sack that was normally filled with toys I had a selection of impressive items including packages of cannabis gummies, cans of cannabis drinks, and tubes of cannabis tropicals. Anyone who showed me the Christmas spirit got free cannabis products, and in short order the entire room was filled with cheer. Nothing brings happiness like free medical cannabis! Normally I slip out the back when my sack is empty, to preserve the mystique of Santa Claus, but on this night I chose to hang around the cannabis dispensary. Everyone was having fun, and now it seemed that the Christmas spirit was moving them to share their cannabis products with each other. Ed and I hung out sipping cannabis drinks mixed with eggnog, and watched the party flourish. I have been playing Santa Claus for a long time, and this night at the cannabis dispensary was one of my best experiences.
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