Working security for the cannabis dispensary

I finally landed a really good job.

  • It has taken me years to reach this point, because I don’t have much of an education.

I was never smart, but I was big and strong. This was great for playing sports, because I always got picked first. It was not so great when it came time to get a good job and provide stability for my kids. For the last two years I was the bouncer at the local nightclub. The work was pretty easy, but the pay wasn’t good. Taking bribes to let people into the club was the only way I could make any money there. Now I have been hired as the security guard for the medical cannabis dispensary, and it’s the best job I’ve ever had. Unlike working the door at a bar or a club, the cannabis dispensary patrons don’t show up drunk and belligerent. Almost every single night at the club I would have to get physical with someone, but the cannabis dispensary clients are all very chill. Even when someone isn’t allowed into the cannabis dispensary for some reason, they will never scream at me or try to hit me. As much as I like this job, I still think I can do better. When the time is right I’m going to ask the manager of the cannabis dispensary about getting a better position working the counter. I am a security guard now, but one day I hope to be a budtender, and start climbing the corporate ladder until I am running my own cannabis dispensary.


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