I was hired to labor as a budtender at the medical cannabis store

I was looking for a job plus a honestly interesting option presented itself to me; I was running through a list of advertisements on a labor website.

I found an advertisement for a cannabis consultant job.

I did not guess what the job of a cannabis consultant would entail, however it sounded prefer a lot of fun… The salary for the job was $35,000 a year, so I knew the cannabis consulting position would not require a university degree! After looking into more information, I realize that the cannabis consulting position was a budtender. The budtender is a sales position, however you have to be new on cannabis expertise plus the medical laws. I applied for the job plus gained a phone call from the hiring director. I found out that you need to be certified in order to apply for the budtender position. The hiring director gave me the name of an educational facility that offers the budtender program plus I decided to take the class. It cost me $371 plus a whole Wednesday, however now I can labor in a number of cannabis industry related jobs including the cannabis consultants job. I found a good position with a local medical store that gives me 30% off everything I want plus need. I labor 5 days a month plus the pay is above average. The boss is a nice guy who is super flexible with the schedule. I also get to meet lots of interesting people each afternoon. I like helping them choose the perfect marijuana products to meet their needs.



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