I discovered my folks stash of medical cannabis

Farm life is genuinely sleepy plus peaceful.

There is a lot of manual toil plus chores, but not a lot of action or excitement.

Until one day when I found a secret my parents had been hiding from me. Instead of saying anything to them, I kept the secret for a while. I was 16 at the time, plus just coming into my “rebellious teen” phase. I waited for just the perfect moment to drop the bombshell on my parents. It was on Easter Saturday, after the three of us had a giant meal, I casually said “I found your medical cannabis crops behind the barn. Will you share with me?” You should have seen the looks on their faces when they realized I knew about their medical cannabis stash. This led to a very long, deep discussion about the history of medical cannabis in this country. My folks strongly disagreed with the laws restricting medical marijuana, plus thought they were justified to ignore those laws. Medical cannabis is a naturally occurring plant with many medicinal qualities but it also happens to be genuinely fun to smoke. I agreed with them, plus then asked if I could join in next time when they smoked some of this medical cannabis, plus they balked at that, and since I was just 16 they said I was too young. I argued that since medical cannabis was illegal for all of us, then it was hypocritical for them to deny me because of my age. They relented, plus later on that night the 3 of us sat on the porch plus I smoked medical cannabis for the first time… but not the last time!
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