Medical cannabis and sleep complications

I have always had drastic complications trying to get sleep.

Once I manage to get to sleep, I have trouble staying asleep.

I have horrific night terrors that often wake me several times a night, at which point I get too stressed plus uneasy to fall back to sleep. It’s an ugly, dangerous cycle, one that has been stressing out my body plus my mind. I talked to my therapist about it, plus Dr Kim advised that I try using medical cannabis before bed. The goal is to settle my mind, plus settle my harmful thoughts, so that I can prefer a night of natural sleep. I went to the medical cannabis shop plus spent 30 minutes chatting with one of the young budtenders there. This was my 1st visit to a medical cannabis dispensary, plus it was actually beautiful. I expected to find a head shop, or a pharmacy, but these folks were professionals who took medical cannabis genuinely seriously. My new pal and I spent a while talking about my particular complications, so that they could determine the best and most helpful kinds of medical cannabis products for me to use. I tried eating some cannabis gummies that were also infused with CBD oil. I also tried vape products for the 1st time, plus I must say that the vape combined with the gummies actually did the trick. I am a little hesitant to smoke strains of medical cannabis, despite the fact that I am genuinely enjoying the effects of using vape products plus edibles. With the assistance of the budtenders at the medical cannabis dispensary, I am now getting the best sleep of my life.


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