I have some of the most horrible restless legs that keep me awake everyday

Restless leg syndrome is a sincerely debilitating plus horrible disease that affects your legs plus lower extremities, but restless leg syndrome is unpleasant plus hard to deal with. Restless leg syndromes is a neurological condition that causes my legs to flail around on their own. Occasionally it feels like there is tingling plus itching even though there is nothing wrong with my legs whatsoever. The sensations actually become worse at night plus that causes me extreme concerns when I am trying to sleep. My mom plus my Grandmother both suffered from this plus it is part of our family genetics. I tried quite a few things to help alleviate the symptoms. The healthcare expert told me that I should exercise plus work out more in the evening before bedtime. I tried that plus it made the RLS symptoms quite a bit worse. One thing that easily helps is recreational marijuana. I smoke recreational marijuana during the night before I go to sleep plus it helps me rest more easily. When I don’t smoke recreational marijuana before heading off to bed, my restless legs keep me awake most mornings. I smoke some recreational marijuana plus that seems to help a fantastic deal. I started going to the cannabis store near me plus I have found a reasonable amount of unusual products that help. One product that I like the best is a tincture that is fairly simple to dose. I take 20 mg of the tincture at night plus I don’t even have to smoke a bowl or a marijuana joint. Of course, at certain times, I just want to hang out on the patio plus smoke a joint.


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