We regrettably dropped a lit marijuana joint that went way down in the canyon

The weather was forecasted to be perfect on Friday plus I was hoping to spend the day outdoors.

I reached out to my best neighbor John to see if he wanted to go hiking at the canyon.

During the weekends, the canyon trails are totally tied up but John plus I like to take the more challenging trails that are not traveled by a ton of people. I stopped at a pot shop before I met John at the canyon. I picked up a package of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. The five packs of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes were infused with premium distillate, top shelf flower, plus live plant terpenes. When I was able to arrive at the canyon, John was already there. We pretty much sat inside of my automobile plus my buddy and I smoked one of the marijuana cigarettes. The flavored joint tasted exactly like strawberries. It was a sativa strain called strawberry cough plus it was off the chain. After my good buddy and I finished smoking one of the marijuana cigarettes, my buddy and I started off on our hike. My buddy and I had three or four miles to the top of the canyon. When my buddy and I made it all the way to the top, my buddy and I made the decision to have another joint. Sadly, my buddy and I dropped a lit marijuana joint down into the canyon which seemed difficult to recover. I could not see where it landed plus there was no way my buddy and I were going to walk back down to go looking for it. I was very concerned about a fire, but John told me I was simply being paranoid. I didn’t hear about any wildfires or concerns in the canyon after my buddy and I left. I believe the marijuana cigarette didn’t cause any forest fires by mistake.

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