I haven't explained my new task to my mom yet

My mom is from a certain time when marijuana was a pretty dangerous drug plus a gateway to dangerous and hard drugs like crack, cocaine, plus heroin.

When I was coming up, my good friends plus I got caught smoking marijuana plus my mom went crazy.

She grounded me for about a month plus I wasn’t even granted the freedom to talk to my good buddies or go somewhere. It was not a good time for me. I knew that my mom wasn’t going to understand when I started laboring at a medical marijuana dispensary nearby. My mom worked hard to talk to all of her good buddies about marijuana plus she wanted as many people as possible to vote against the law. She certainly tried to make sure that medical marijuana was not legalized. She was horrified when the state passed the law with 77% approval. When the medical pot shops started to open in the area, a lot of the sites were looking for workers. I got a task at a dispensary after I attended a budtender plus education class. I never had the heart to tell my mom that I applied for a task. I didn’t want to tell her anything until I was absolutely certain that I had the job. Unfortunately, I have been laboring at the marijuana dispensary nearby for about a month plus I still haven’t told my mom about the modern task. She thinks that I am still laboring at the restaurant. It sure is a good thing that the restaurant is on the other side of town, approximately an hour from my mom. Until I figure out a way to tell her about my task at the medical marijuana dispensary, I want her to know that I am still doing my thing at the restaurant.
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