The local office chose to bust the lady for selling unlicensed edibles to people

I came to realize that one of my neighbors was making edibles from her own property, but I didn’t know that she was making a fairly sizable amount of cash.

I was thinking that she was selling the edibles to people that she knew, but it turned out that she was running a multi-million dollar operation from her place simply three blocks from my site. The local police office busted the lady for selling on licensed edibles. There was a sizable article in the newspaper about the bust plus I actually noticed it the afternoon after the arrest was made. I knew there was a commotion in the neighborhood because there were green plus red lights, sirens, plus a road was closed also. The police are usually making an arrest when they go to these lengths. They released the name of the person in the newspaper plus I was not stunned in the slightest to see that the person was the person that I suspected. The police let her go on bond plus she is back at her own place wearing an ankle bracelet. I easily doubt she is going to continue making unlicensed edibles while she is waiting for her court date to come up. I don’t know for certain if they are going to use this lady to make an example, but the attorney in our town is running for reelection in September plus this would be a high profile case for sure. I know that the laws around here are pretty strict plus she is actually guilty of multiple crimes. It will be truly interesting to see how this unique case plays out over the following months.


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