My girlfriend dumped me for a certain guy that works in a local pot shop

My girlfriend plus I were together for a few years plus my buddy and I had a great, solid relationship.

I truthfully thought that my buddy and I were cheerful plus I was planning to propose.

I did not know that my girlfriend was not especially happy plus I easily didn’t know that she was cheating on me with someone for the last 2 months. I found out in the worst way also. I was hanging out with some good pals plus my buddy and I were at a bar. I told my girlfriend that my buddy and I were going to be enjoying the draft at the property plus after that I made the move to go to the interests bar instead. My buddy and I went to a bar that I have never been to in the past because they were supposed to be streaming the draft live. I noticed that my girlfriend was with some guy plus it was just the two of them. I watched them for a duration of time plus after that I finally went to say something to my girlfriend. She tried to tell me that the guy was simply a friend, but he looked pretty irritated plus it was clear that they were on a date. I told my girlfriend that I would see her later at the property. I thought that she was going to apologize plus supply me with some sob story, despite the fact that she chose to end the relationship. She told me that she met a guy that works at a local marijuana dispensary. It really is hard to believe that she dumped me for a guy that works at a marijuana shop. I have a job, goals, plus a school education. She chose a guy that smokes pot all through the day plus lives in his van.


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