There was a mystery person auditing the cannabis shop

There was an bizarre as well as bizarre guy walking around the cannabis shop on Sunday day; I asked the guy if he needed help with something, despite the fact that he said no.

She browsed every single item as well as took his time, but after 15 or 20 minutes, I asked the patron if there was anything at all that I could help his find.

Again, he said no one this time he looked aggravated that I asked again. I was simply trying to be helpful. I told the employer about the guy in the store, because I thought it was very unusual that he had been there for so long as well as did not want help finding anything, but the employer went out into the lobby to talk with the guy as well as he came back to the front after a few minutes. She told me not to be upset with the guy that was shopping, because he was there as a mystery shopper auditing the cannabis shop. I didn’t even know that my associate and I had mystery buyers to audit the shop as well as I was very surprised. I found out that the owner of the marijuana dispensary was having an auditor shop every single one of the local locations to see if there were things that he could do differently. I was glad that the employer gave me the information. The whole time I was watching the guy waiting for his to steal something as well as beginning running out the door. I had a whole scenario in my mind of the security guard chasing his down in the parking lot, despite the fact that he wasn’t even there to steal.


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