It was quite a party on Monday night

I was at my apartment on Monday night and I decided to invite a couple of friends over to hang out and play video games.

I bought a case of beer and two bottles of vodka.

I had a coupon to buy one and get one free Pepsi product at the store near me, so I bought one usual Pepsi and one diet Pepsi. My lady also particularly likes Diet Pepsi and I knew that I would not go through two cases of usual Pepsi. My acquaintance Jack bought a bottle of tequila and he brought that to the apartment and my acquaintance Danny brought recreational cannabis supplies… Danny definitely likes to smoke recreational marijuana on the weekends. I have tried recreational cannabis a couple of times, but it’s not something that I usually prefer. It makes me feel truly out of control and I do not like feeling that way. When Danny finally showed up with recreational marijuana, I was already six beers and three shots into the party. Danny said we should all go outside and smoke a joint and I was the first person to say yep. I also took two or three hits from the marijuana joint. It tasted particularly great for a change. Danny told us that the marijuana joint was infused with hash oil, live resin, and top shelf flower; by the time we got back inside of the house, I was particularly high. I felt like my hands were floating and my body was weightless. It was quite a party on Monday night. I do not remember all of it, but everyone seemed to have a great time.

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