We got free appetizers for making a purchase on 420

A bunch of my friends and I decided to go out on 420 this year to check out the local marijuana shops and sales.

We went to several different places and got a lot of cool sale items. I saved 40% off my favorite pre-roll packages. I bought packages of pre-rolls that were only $25 and they are normally almost $50 regular price. One of the places that we went this year was a marijuana dispensary across the street from a bar and restaurant. We got free appetizers from the bar and restaurant for making a purchase on 420. My friends and I received a discount card from the marijuana dispensary. The discount card entitled us to get a free appetizer from the bar and restaurant across the street. There was absolutely no purchase necessary. After my friends and I finished up at the marijuana dispensary, we decided to go to the bar and restaurant for lunch. I got a burger with fries and Jack got the same thing. Danny decided to get a quesadilla. Each one of us got a different free appetizer from the bar. I decided to get loaded cheese fries and Jack and Danny both got shrimp skewer sticks. All of the food that we got from the restaurant was very yummy and delicious. We probably saved $50 on the three appetizers and it was nice to take a break during the middle of the day to relax and have food. We shopped from morning until night at the local marijuana stores. We got some really good deals.


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