Tinctures are the right option for an active lifestyle

I swallow any leftover liquid

I’ve shopped at the local cannabis dispensary since they first opened for business over five years ago. During that time, I’ve sampled a wide variety of consumption methods and brands. I’ve been super impressed with the quality of products the dispensary carries. They offer some of the most well-known producers and innovative strains on the market. The staff of budtenders is wonderfully knowledgeable, accessible and happy to offer recommendations. I’ve discovered that every type of consumption method provides unique benefits. For my active lifestyle, tinctures are the best option. I like to stop by the dispensary before heading off on a camping trip, hiking excursion, cycling tour or a day of kayaking on the lake. I have my choice of indica, sativa or hybrid tinctures. Some feature sky-high THC potency while others are more focused on the curative aspects of CBD. I like just enough THC to get me motivated, clear my head and energize my activity. I appreciate the way CBD takes the edge of the psychoactive effects and helps with soreness and inflammation. The advantage of tinctures is that the packaging is compact and portable. I can easily slip a tincture in my pocket or backpack. The product doesn’t melt, create ash or cause smoke or odors. The included dropper makes dosing especially easy. I place a few drops under my tongue and wait a minute for the cannabinoids to absorb. I swallow any leftover liquid. The sublingual absorption results in rapid onset of effects. I can also add a tincture to yogurt, a smoothie or just about any food or drink and consume the cannabinoids like an edible, delaying the effects.

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