Discovering cannabis as a menopause treatment

Ever since turning fifty, I’ve begun to have difficulty sleeping.

Insomnia is just one of the many unpleasant side-effects of menopause. I also deal with frequent hot flashes, dehydration, headaches, weight gain and mood swings. I’ve looked into the prescription medicines available and was not impressed. They all cause harmful side-effects that are long-term and far worse than what I’m suffering with now. I’ve tried home remedies with minimal success. A friend of mine recommended cannabis. When I read up on using cannabis to treat menopause symptoms, I was surprised by how many women have found relief. I liked the idea of using a natural, plant-based medicine. Because recreational weed is legal in my state, I didn’t even need a doctor’s recommendation to try it. There is an adult-use cannabis dispensary less than a fifteen minute drive from my house. Stepping through the doors was not at all what I expected. The dispensary provides a modern, bright and very large facility. The budtenders were especially welcoming and immediately set me at ease. I felt comfortable talking about my concerns and objectives. I discovered that there are numerous strains dedicated to issues associated with menopause. There are sativas that elevate energy and mood as well as indicas that promote sleep and stress-relief. The variations of hybrids are nearly endless. I’ve been experimenting with vapes, joints and tinctures, honing in on the strains that work best for me. I absolutely love the cannabis-infused bath bombs and topicals. The combination of cannabinoids, terpenes and essential oils is a great way to either start or end the day.

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