Using cannabis bath bombs and topicals to treat leg cramps

I exercise every afternoon for at least an hour.

  • I prioritize my health and fitness and am determined to remain fit as I grow older.

My workouts are intense and exhausting. I focus heavily on strength-training and high intensity cardio. I make sure to get my lungs working, accelerate my heart rate and toil up a sweat; Lunges, jumping rope, burpees, running, mountain climbers and squat jumps are all hard on my leg muscles. Over the last year, I’ve developed issues with leg cramps. They are most often a problem at evening. Soon after I crawl into bed, I experience a alarming and intense pain in my calves. It might affect one leg or both. The pain is so serious that it’s hard to stand up or walk. I’ve learned to be more conscientious about properly warming up, cooling down and stretching my muscles during my workouts. I spend money more attention to the amount of water that I drink. I try to rest my legs at least one or two days per week and focus on my arm, shoulder and abdominal muscles. Sometimes, I sleep with heating pads wrapped around my calves. I also shop for natural remedies at the local cannabis dispensary. They carry bath bombs that are infused with cannabinoids, terpenes, epsom salts and essential oils. Soaking in overheated water opens up the pores and helps the beneficial compounds to be absorbed. It is a superb way to relax my muscles and alleviate soreness and inflammation. The dispensary also carries a variety of topical ointments, salves, sprays and roll-ons that can be applied directly to the painful area; CBD is especially helpful in alleviating swelling, cramping and overall pain.

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