Using cannabis to treat symptoms of PMS

I have suffered from painful menstrual cramps since going through puberty.

A gynecologist put me on the pill to regulate my period and alleviate the symptoms.

This didn’t work for me. I experienced headaches, nausea and very long-lasting periods. I tried different varieties with no success. I also experimented with over-the-counter painkillers like Midol for PMS. I was told to take warm baths and do yoga. Nothing helped. For years, I went without any way to alleviate the pain and discomfort. The symptoms diminished my quality of life. I would sometimes need to stay home from work. I missed out on concerts, picnics, sporting events and all sorts of activities because I was lying in bed with a heating pad pressed to my abdomen. A couple of years ago, I read an article that suggested cannabis as an alternative and natural remedy. I learned that way back in the nineteenth century, Queen Victoria used a weed tincture to ease her menstrual cramps. I was really excited to try cannabis. Fortunately, recreational weed is legalized in my state. With a valid identification, I can shop a wide array of products at the local dispensary. I consulted with a very knowledgeable budtender who recommended products with a combination of CBD and TCH. She told me that most women had found the most significant improvement when inhaling cannabis. Since then, I’ve been using dried flower, pre-rolled joints and vapes to treat PMS. They have worked really well for me. The onset of effects from any of the inhalation methods is quite quick. I sometimes take a gummy before bed at night because of the longevity of the effects.

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