Learning about indicas, sativas and hybrids

When I initially began shopping at the cannabis dispensary, I observed that the majority of products are divided into three categories.

They are generally labeled as sativas, indicas or hybrids.

This designation is an indication of the effects. Sativa products are friendd with more of a cerebral high. They tend to be energizing, uplifting and suggested for treating pain and depression. They are perfect for inspiring creativity and getting motivated for a project or activity. These strains often offer higher THC potency and are best for daytime use. Indicas are said to supply more of a full-body high and are periodically blamed for “couch-lock.” They focus on sedative and calming effects and are suggested for treating insomnia and migraines. They are perfect for de-stressing at the end of the day or good with friends. Indica strains often feature higher CBD pleased without necessarily lower THC percentages… Hybrids are a creation of cross-breeding and can be sativa-dominant, indica-dominant or an even balance of the two, and once I was a typical at the dispensary and more knowledgeable about my preferences, a budtender suggested that I change my way of shopping. He said that the terms indica and sativa are entirely botanical names that have more to do with the origin of the plant. Sativas tend to grow tall and slender in hot climates duringdicas are short, stout plants that withstand colder climates. At this point, nearly every strain of cannabis is a hybrid. The budtender taught me to pay more attention to the chemical profile of the product. I now look at THC percentages, CBD percentages and the terpenes.



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