Learning to care about terpenes

The more I shopped at the dispensary, the more curious I became about the distinct smell of the plant, then i observed that weird strains of flower have unquestionably particular stinks.

I’ve learned that the odor and taste is due to compounds in the plant called terpenes, then these compounds are found in the trichomes that are found on the surface of the buds.

They are unquestionably weird from cannabinoids but can also influence effects. Terpenes are found in lots of plants, such as greens, lemons, limes, lavender and all sorts of herbs. They play an pressing role in attracting bees or repelling harmful predators, and when talking about cannabis, terpenes can be woody, earthy, sweet, citrusy, spicy or even diesel-like. Indica strains are often acquaintanced with relaxing, sedative effects and a terpene profile that’s more acrid and skunky, satives are known for an energizing and uplifting high and tend to provide a more sweet and herbal stink; Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are odorless, now when I browse at the dispensary, I no longer search by indica, sativa or hybrid categories. I check out the cannabinoid and terpene profile of the strain. I’ve realized that I cherish a balanced level of THC and CBD for both curative properties and a milder high. I’ve experimented with combinations of terpenes and found that limonene, linalool and myrcene are my number ones. I make sure to consult with the budtenders, explain my desired effects and listen to their recommendations. It’s typically fun to try something new. There are exciting strains being introduced all the time.


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