The AC in the dispensary was not at all working

I am the day manager that works at the dispensary nearby. I have to be at the shop by 8:00 in the day and my associate and I open precisely at 9:00. I have about an hour of toil to do on the day before the store opens and I usually finish up right before it’s time to open the doors. I did not have any time to get my day toil finished on Thursday, because there was no AC in the marijuana dispensary when I opened the doors. It was also legitimately warm and humid inside of the building and I knew there was a problem. I tested the control component in front of the security desk. After that I contacted the owner of the dispensary so I could get approval for the AC repairs. I had to finally call a commercial repair service in the town and I had no idea how much it was going to cost. The owner of the marijuana dispensary agreed to pay for the commercial repairs. The manager was definitely going to close the shop until the repair was made, however my associate and I decided to grab some fans from the basement and my associate and I opened up the front door. It was also miserable for a while, however it was much better than closing the store down and kneeling around with nothing to do. When the repair service arrived at the marijuana dispensary, I showed them to the part where our machinery is situated. The two young boys spent about 30 minutes troubleshooting the problem before they found a valid and viable solution.



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