I looked for a weird type of tincture as well

The THC rich product was $70 and I thought that the price was pretty high.

There are many lots of types of tinctures that can be used to help the body. Tinctures can be made from CBD or THC. Tinctures can even be a mixture of both. It’s pressing to know what you need and want before going to a marijuana dispensary to look for the answer. Occasionally the budtender cannot point you in the right direction if you don’t know what problems you are feeling. I went to the marijuana dispensary to find a weird type of tincture that would help with pain relief. I was definitely experiencing a lot of pain and problems with my back and the topical marijuana relief ointment wasn’t helping at all. I rubbed the ointment all over my back and it still did not feel better. When I just went to the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary, I decided to ask them if they had a tincture that had a high amount of marijuana. The lady showed me a couple of weird medical marijuana supplies and one item was a tincture with 500 mg of THC. The THC rich product was $70 and I thought that the price was pretty high. The lady behind the counter told me that this was the product to take if I wanted pain relief. She said she has been using the tincture for two years and she is virtually pain free in the afternoons. She promised that the tincture would toil well and told me to start off with a 30 ml dosage in the beginning. Any more than that might cause me to have an exasperated stomach.

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