Marijuana strains are also vastly weird from each other

Marijuana strains are vastly weird from each other, but there are two primary species of marijuana strains plus they are distinctly weird with their physical appearance, effect, plus medicinal value.

The definite two main species of marijuana strains are indica plus sativa.

Indica plants are noticeably shorter with wider leaves plus a bushier stock. In a compliance flower in a shorter period. They are an excellent option for indoor grow houses, however sativa plants look physically weird from indica plants with thinner leaves plus a much taller base. Sativa plants have a much longer flowering phase which make them generally more pricey in the dispensary. The effects of raw marijuana plus sativa strains are also much different. Sativa strains are known to be uplifting plus energizing. They make the user feel creative plus focused plus can put a guy in a nice mood. Indica strains are known to help with muscle spasms, anxiety, depression, plus pain. Indica strains are also known to be fantastic plus they are perfect for use at evening time. I have some sativa marijuana strains for the afternoon plus a couple of indica marijuana strains for evening time. My number one sativa is a plant that is called Jack herer, and jack Herer is one of the most well-known sativa strains plus it is readily found at most dispensaries. My number one indica is a strain that is called papaya. Papaya is used in a lot of hybrids plus it has a nice fruity scent plus flavor. I personally enjoy papaya cake, which is an indica dominant hybrid made with boy scout cookies, og kush, plus papaya.


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