The weekend was super fun with recreational cannabis

My friends and I went camping at the state park last weekend. Both of us took a undoubtedly immense tent, 2 coolers with drinks and food, and a couple of flashlights, then the state park has nice tent sites that are immense and shaded, however each tent site has electricity and water. There are showers and bathrooms throughout the park as well. Before my friends and I started driving to the country, all of us decided to stop at a small recreational cannabis store. The more than two of us went inside the cannabis store to purchase supplies for the weekend… Jack picked up a disposable a single gram distillate vape pen and 2 bags of edible cookies! I picked out an ounce of Blue Dream flower and a 6 pack of disposable raw cones. Justin decided to buy a container with cannabis-infused elixir. The elixir was flavored love grapes, however it tasted closer to cough medicine. It was undoubtedly horrible, and I only tried it a single time. Justin drank the entire bottle before all of us opted to go back to our lake house on Friday morning. Everyone of my friends and I had a beautiful weekend camping in the state park. The cannabis added to the experience, because all of us were relaxed, calm, and ready to have fun. It was the perfect way to celebrate earth morning. Both of us even managed to hike all the way to the top of the mountain, which is an eight mile hike both ways. It was strenuous, however all of us had all morning. The views from the top of the cliff were spectacular and all of us could see hundreds of migratory birds flying in the air.

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