I didn't mean to break the tv

My wife thinks that my friends and I say and do stupid things when we get together and smoke marijuana.

I’ve been telling my wife that she is wrong, but now I’m beginning to think that she might be right.

My wife went to the spa with her mom and her sister for the weekend and two of my buddies came over to play video games and hang out. One friend went home on Saturday night to hang out with his girlfriend, but the other one stayed. He had some recreational marijuana in his bag and we decided to smoke a joint. It’s not a big deal to smoke a recreational marijuana joint because it’s legal in the state. There are marijuana dispensaries nearby with great deals on flower, edibles, and concentrates. I don’t regularly smoke marijuana, but I thought it sounded like a lot of fun and I knew that my wife wasn’t going to be back home until the next day. By then the effects from the marijuana joint would wear off and everything would be fine. I did not account for the fact that I was going to be completely stoned and making terrible decisions. My friend and I got really high and then we decided to play with the VR. I threw one of the controllers into the TV and it broke. The $1,500 TV doesn’t work anymore and my wife won’t let me forget that it happened on my watch. I told her that it was an accident, but I did not include the fact that Jason and I were both high when the accident occurred.

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