I need someone trustworthy to work at the dispensary

The last person that I hired to work at the marijuana dispensary turned out to be a terrible decision.

The woman had great references and two years of experience working in a medical marijuana laboratory.

She absolutely looked great on paper and her references didn’t have anything but wonderful things to say about her. I’m not sure who I talked to, but I can’t say for sure that the references and work experience were a lie. When the woman started working at the dispensary, she didn’t know the difference between an indica and a sativa. This is basic knowledge, especially for someone that has two years of experience working in a medical marijuana laboratory. I gave the girl a couple of months to show me that she had experience and she came to work late and didn’t come in on saturday. I ended up letting her go after a month. Now I’m looking for someone trustworthy, experienced, and reliable to work at the store. I really need someone to work on the weekends and I need to be able to depend on that person. We have no extra people to work on the weekend. If someone doesn’t show up, we are short staffed. It’s very important that I find someone to fill the position that will be available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Unfortunately around here, it’s hard to find someone that is willing to work every weekend. Nobody wants to work indoors, even in a marijuana shop. The summer weather is right around the corner and that means fun at the beach and hanging out with friends.


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