Ed still hasn’t come home

My husband Ed plus I have been arguing a whole lot lately plus one of the largest reasons is due to my labor schedule at the nearby marijuana shop.

Sometimes I have to labor from afternoon until the following afternoon plus other afternoons I have to labor from the afternoon until midnight… From one week to the next, I will never know what the schedule is going to be like; It makes Ed aggravated plus aggravated, especially now that we have a baby… Our little boy is 3 months outdated plus he requires a lot of care.

I’m hardly ever there when Ed needs help, and the crazy schedule makes it difficult for me to sleep during the night plus during the afternoon plus that means that I’m no good when Ed entirely needs someone to take care of the baby; When I told my boss that I needed a schedule that was going to be the same every week, he said that he would try. I told him that it was seriously crucial because Ed plus I were having trouble plus both of us needed to be with the baby! My boss said he would change my schedule this week, but it is still just as crazy as ever. When I went back to my condo on Tuesday, I had to supply Ed the disappointing news about my schedule at the marijuana dispensary. Ed instantly packed a tote plus accused me of making the marijuana shop more crucial than his plus our baby. I told Ed that someone has to labor to put food on the table. Ed went to his siblings plus he still hasn’t come home.

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